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Speech disorder

Q: My daughter is 9 years old and studying in third standard in Mumbai. Her speech has yet not developed fully and she talks in small sentances. Since language is not fully developed she cannot express herself fully and that is creating a complex in her. Now she does not want to play with the children of her age. She is reasonably good in writing and reading. She has been assessed average in her IQ and has been suggested occupational therapy. Please suggest.

A:Since your daughter is assessed as having an average IQ, and is able to read and write, it is clear that the problem is only in verbal fluency. I hope you have got medical check-ups done to rule out any structural defects. Speech therapy is definately required by a qualified therapist. As a parent you should ensure certain points - 1. You and other family members must provide good examples by speaking correctly. 2. Encourage her to speak through praise and other rewards - do not do what she wants unless she speaks it out correctly and then don't forget to praise her. 3. Avoid criticizing her speech, or interupting her repeatedly or making fun of her. 4. Take further psychological help if the problem persists despite these measures.


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