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Skin rashes and itching

Q: I am suffering from skin rashes and itching on my face and neck (area exposed to sun). Is there any treatment for this? Secondly, my wife is pregnant now and I want to know if my skin problem will be inherited by my child, since my father also had the same problem. If yes, is there any way we can avoid our child to suffer from this problem?

A:You seem to be under the impression that all skin diseases are inherited. If your father has a skin problem it does not necessarily imply a relationship between his skin ailment and yours. Secondly, inheritance is not passed on because you are having a problem at the time that your wife is pregnant. If a disease is to be inherited you do not necessarily have to suffer at the time of your wife's pregnancy. You pass on the inheritance through your genes and not through contact. For your skin problem you should consult a dermatologist. Since your skin ailment affects the areas exposed to the sun, you should protect yourself from excessive exposure to sunlight. The doctor will be able to decide whether your disease is being caused by sun light or merely aggravated by it.


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