Septic shock

Q: After trying out different therapies I am disappointed with the treatment of Psoriasis. Is there any harm if I leave it as it is and learn to live with it? What is septic shock?

A:The sooner one learns to live with psoriasis, the better it is. So it is a good decision on your part do this. However, this does not mean that you ignore your disease. What it means is, you learn how your problem behaves, learn to recognize the stage when you must seek expert advise and learn what are the goals and limitations of the treatment options available. One can ignore the problem only upto a certain level of involvement. Extensive involvement of skin, for example the erythrodermic phase, can lead to effects on the internal systems of the body like the cardiovascular system. Cases with joint involvement have treated very carefully. Septic shock is the one which is caused by infective process.


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