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Sensitive teeth

Q: I am suffering from sensitive teeth. After I take hot or cold stuff I have irritation/pain the teeth. The dentist advised me to get two of my upper teeth filled. All the filling came out after few months. He also advised me to get my lower teeth pulled out after a year. I was advised to use Sensodyne toothpaste which I am using for the last 6 months. Is there any precaution I can take to prevent other teeth from becoming sensitive? Is there a way this problem can be completely cured?

A:Detailed advice is not possible without thorough examination. If your pain has started after the fillings came out and the teeth have become sensitive after that, you need to get the fillings redone. We cannot comment on the status regarding extraction of two lower teeth without more information. Use of sensodyne toothpaste is okay for reducing sensitivity. It is difficult to tell you how to prevent sensitivity in other teeth till we know the cause of the sensitivity in the present teeth. A good dentist should be able to guide you after examining your teeth.


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