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Redness, itching, watering in eyes

Q: Since the last 4 months I am suffering from redness, itching and watering of eyes. I have been using Cloral eye drops since 2 months but to no avail. What is the solution?

A:You appear to have a condition called allergic conjunctivits which can give rise to continuous irritation, itching and watering. Allergic conjunctivitis can be caused by pollens, chemicals, animal residues and even preservatives used in eye drops. It may or may not be related to systemic allergies. It would be advisable to get a thorough eye examination by a qualified eye doctor. You may be required to use anti allergic 1% Sodium Chromoglycate drops, decongestant astringent and lubricant drops and ointment. In acute cases even steroid-based drops and ointment are prescribed. The treatment should be advised by an ophthalmologist. The use of preservative free drops is also an option. Removal of the offending allergen would be the best option though not always possible. Your eye surgeon would be your best guide.


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