Q: I have been suffering with PCOD for a long time but have got to know about it a year ago. I have tried allopathic and homeopathic medicines with some success in addition to electrolysis for hair removal which I was able to stop after two years(since the end of 1998). However over the past year (since the end of 2000)I have noticed increased hair growth and increase in weight, making it necessary to restart electrolysis. What are my options?

A:PCOD is a common condition with some evidence of genetic basis. This is usually associated with hormonal imbalance, overweight, irregular periods excess hair growth. Ultra Sonography is also done to evaluate the uterus and ovaries. There are various forms of Rx, depending on the person's problems and needs. Antidiabetic drugs are also used currently as part or Rx. However I suggest see a gynaecologist with special interest in the field and get all investigations required before deciding the Rx required.


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