Q: Recently I was admitted with a palpitation problem. An ECG and Holter monitoring were conducted and the reports was normal. But at that time ie. at 16.55 my heart beat was 193 bpm and just after 7 minutes ie. at 17.02 it was 32 bpm. The blood test was also normal. I want to know whether the report of heart beat from the Holter monitoring is OK. What could be the other possible reason for the palpitation?

A:I note that you had to be hospitalised for palpitation. The Holter disclosure form can at times have errors due to artefacts but there are ECG tracings to correlate such events. These records are always available and are a must to confirm what was the rhythm when the computer recorded a rate of 190 or 35 beats per minute. That is crucial information which you should seek from your treating doctor. Heart rates of 195 are possible in several rhythm disorders of heart and so is a rate of 35. I think you need to clarify this matter with a cardiologist. Most of such disorders if confirmed can be cured by present day treatment methods.


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