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Painful stiff back

Q: Most of the days, I get up with a painful stiff back in the morning. How do I avoid a stiff back?

A:Getting up in the morning with a stiff back could be due to a wrong mattress or adopting a wrong posture while sleeping. A. Mattress : - A rigid mattress could cause curvature of the spine due to elevation of shoulders & pelvis. - A sagging mattress causes curvature of the spine because of improper support of heaviest part of the body. - A semi rigid mattress supports all parts of the body properly. Moreover, due to constant pressure of body parts the mattress gets lighter at at few weight bearing points & causes pressure on the nerves, later giving rise to problems. So it is best to use a cotton mattress (one inch thick) & change it every year. B. Posture While Sleeping : - Sleeping on the side or back is best. - Avoid sleeping on the stomach as it pulls the spine down causing pressure on the ligaments & also turns your neck to one side. - Continue with your back exercises. - Check these & you should be fine. If after this too you have a problem do take an X ray of your spine & seek immediate medical attention.


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