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Pain on the lower right side of my stomach

Q: I have pain on the lower right side of my stomach (at the place of appendix) for the past 1 year. Doctors advised a scan which came out normal. So they prescribed some medicines like Dyrade M. But my problem persists. I have constipation twice or thrice a week since this problem started. What should I do?

A:I presume that you have not lost any body weight or had any black stools. If so, I would consider that your basic problem is a disordered bowel rhythm, which might have begun a year ago and then stayed. You could find if it is related to any change in your lifestyle, job conditions, financial or any other personal worry. In any case, your bowels need re-orientation. I would recommend that you take plenty of fiber in diet like through green vegetables, salads, pulses and beans with husk (sprouts would be even better). A routine of exercises like long walks or breathing exercises like pranayam in yogic style will help.


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