Q: How can osteoporosis be controlled? My doctor has adviced brisk walk to control high blood pressure. But I am unable to do that because of problem in the left knee and right hip joint. Kindly suggest.

A:Osteoporosis is diminution in bone mass. There is a tendency for the bone to fracture. Osteoporosis may be primary or secondary. Primary osteoporosis are two types:

  • Type 1 : affects women mainly and is related to menopause
  • Type 2 : affects men and women , mainly age related. Secondary osteoporosis can be due to hormonal problems like hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and hypercortisolism. There are certain risk factors associated with osteoporosis. These are positive family history, fair skin and hair, early menopause, excessive alcohol use, cigarette smoking, inactivity, malnutrition, low calcium diet etc. Exercise (morning walk) is beneficial for osteoporosis as long as it is within pain limits. strenous exercises like jogging or fast walking should be avoided. Use of a cane is advisable if necessary. Calcium intake should be increases (ideally 1 gm elemental calcium daily. Vitamin D is very important for bone metabolism and it can be had from diet or from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D sachets are available as calcitriol. I recommend taking biphosphonates (Alendronate) 10 mg daily in the morning for 3 months.


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