Mouth ulcers

Q: I am 29 years old and used to get mouth ulcers quite regularly for past 8-9 years. The ulcers used to appear on the corners of the tongue inside the mouth. Due to this, sometimes I was not able to talk properly also. I have shown it to various doctors in the past, they have given medicines like becausule (vit B), folic acid, mouth gel for relieving the pain. I have even tried homeopathic medicines, but to no avail. Some say it is due to tension, spicy food or worms inside stomach. Please let me know, is there a permanent solution to this?

A:Try getting a thorough scaling done. The plaque present on the tooth surface is a colony of bacteria which release acid and this could be one of the causes. If you get relief after a scaling then get a scaling done every 6 months. Do give us a feed back.


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