Knock knees

Q: My 10 year old son walks or runs with his toes on floor but not the heel. His upper leg is parallel upto his knees, the lower leg spreads like inverted V shape when he makes a quick walk inside a room, he moves with very slight movement of his hip and upper leg. It looks abnormal. Is it normal or needs correction?

A:From your description it seems that your son has genu valgum (knock knees). There are several causes for this. It could be also normal in some people but before declaring this is normal all conditions that can cause genu valgum must be excluded. Some of the common causes are Vit.'D' deficiency, calcium deficiency due to any cause, kidney diseases and several other inherited problems. You also have mentioned that he walks on his toes. This could be because of a either neurological or neuro - muscular problem. Both these conditions will have to be evaluated by a Paediatrician or any Orthopaedics Surgeon who will advise investigations to confirm the diagnosis.


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