Kidney stones

Q: I have a cyst in both kidneys for quite some time. Recently I started getting pain in left kidney and it spreads to left testicle. Ultrasound scan shows small stones in both kidneys. They measure around 3 to 4 mm size. Medication has not given any pain relief so far, for the last 4 months. I would like to know whether the pain is due to stones or anything to do with cyst or some problem with the testicles.

A:From the above description of your symptoms, I infer that the pain in your left kidney is probably related to stone rather than the cyst. The details of the ultrasound report can delineate their cause to the cyst or to the stone. Bleeding or infection in the cyst can cause pain related to the cyst. Radiation of the pain to the testicle is also suggestive of stone-related pain. An I.V.P.(Intra venous pyelogram) would also help in making a decision regarding the treatment, especially removal of the stone.


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