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Itchiness in my inner thighs

Q: I am a 24 years old male, suffering from some sort of itchiness in my inner thighs, which increases more due to sweat. I have already consulted a skin specialist at Ganga Ram hospital and was recommended to apply Statum lotion and Abzorb talc on the affected area and to take Dermonorm tablet thrice a day. This helped me but after taking a regular course for about 6 months, the problem again appeared when I stopped taking the tablets. Please advice me whether I should again start the same course and what all care should I need to take in order to prevent this.

A:Ringworm infection, erythrasma and seb. dermatitis are the usual conditions which affect the inner and upper part of the thighs and the adjacent areas. The area is discoloured, itches and usually occurs or gets worse in the summers. The first two conditions, if treated properly will not reccur if proper preventive measures are carried out. The third condition usually comes and goes. Treatment for all of them is only partly similar. Dermonorm is effective in only the ringworm infection and one months treatment is more than enough for most of the cases. A review of your condition is suggested.


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