Q: Is it really very hard to have the intercourse. Both myself and the my fiance are virgin and would like to know that how hard will it be to tear women's layer while having the intercourse and how long will it take?

A:First and foremost, to be able to enjoy good and satisfactory sex, you both will have to get rid of your reservations regarding the sexual act. Though it might be a little painful for the female partner for the first time, the pleasure will far outweigh the pain. The woman's 'layer' is called a hymen and it covers the entry of the vagina. This membrane is usually torn during the first sexual intercourse, but it might not cause bleeding in all women. Bleeding during the first sexual encounter should thus not be taken as an indicator of virginity. There is also no particular time that can be fixed regarding how long it might take to experience satisfactory sexual intercourse. For more information, please refer to the write up on Sexual Intercourse in the Sex section of our website.


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