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If kids watch heir parents have sex, will it adversely affect them?

Q: We are an Indian couple based in Mauritius. We have 1-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and our house is a 6 bedrooms bungalow. We usually put the kids to sleep in our room as they cry. Once they are put to sleep - my wife and I have sex and intercourse for almost 3 to 4 hours. The kids get up in between. Even then we both are so involved in our fantasy that we forget that the kids are watching us. Will this lead to any bad implications?

A:The majority of Indian families in the lower and lower middle classes have no privacy. You are fortunate to have a large house. If it is possible, you might try making the room next to yours a Nursery for the two children. Be with them till they fall asleep. They will get used to having a room of their own. Keep a low light on all night. You should check two or three times a night to make sure that all is well with the babies. However, you are the best judge of when to start the process. As they grow up, children do find out the facts about sex. But it might be better for the parents to select a suitable age when they are given the information. No dire consequences can be predicted of their sharing your bedroom, but do not be surprised if they imitate the approximate actions when they start attending a preschool or play group.


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