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Heaviness in the muscles

Q: I have been feeling severe discomfort in and around the area between the shoulder blades and spine. I feel soreness, sometimes heaviness in the muscles, sometimes a feeling as if some needles are being pricked in that area etc. This problem started about 2 months ago after change in nature of my job where now I have to do a lot of writing of news scripts by hand. I work 5 days a week. Though the amount of script writing has become less, it cannot be avoided totally I have taken some painkillers but they have not helped the matter at all. Please advise.

A:Yes, the problem is with your muscles that you have mentioned and is basically a postural problem. You can use iodex to relieve your pain or take any painkiller. Basically rest and proper postural habits would help you out. You can follow a few tips: 1. Do not wait till your shoulder blades hurt. Take a break for 5-7 minutes every one hour or so. 2. See that your computer is at a proper level, so that you are not straining your neck and shoulders. 3. Do not carry heavy weights. 4. Do not use a thick pillow while sleeping and avoid sleeping on your stomach. 5. If you have reading glasses, do get them checked regularly. 6. Follow a routine of doing some neck and shoulder exercises twice a day.
a. Starting from center bend your neck on the left side and then to right side towards your shoulders.
b. Look up towards the ceiling. Hold and come back to look straight.
c. Look to your right shoulder and then to your left shoulder coming back to the center.
d. Circle your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise.
e. Shrug your shoulders and relax.
f. Brace your shoulders and relax.
g. Keep the tips of your fingers on your shoulders and circle your elbows in clock-wise and anti clock-wise direction. You must remember: 1. Start your exercises with 2-3 counts and gradually build up to 10 counts keeping your tolerance level in mind. 2. Usual muscular pain for sometime after exercises is common and should go away after that.


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