Heat stroke

Q: I am a software engineer and part of my profile includes travelling to different locations both local and international for software assignments. My latest sojourn is to Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) for development. The heat here is intense (around 55 degrees celsius) and I get drained pretty easily inspite of staying indoors in air conditioned chambers. What is worse is that on coming into contact with metal objects and otherwise exposed to the sun, I get a strong electric shock. The people attribute it to the dry air and static electricity so formed. I would like to know to how to beat the heat in this region and if this static electricity has any impact on bodily functions and activities.

A:Being exposed to the temperatures you mention puts a strain on the body. Besides trying to stay in an airconditioned place the only thing to do is to drink water with salt (A suitable preparation would be to add one flat teaspoon in one litre of water - this should make the water taste like tears) and drink about 1 glass of this fluid every 2 hours. I agree that the shock you feel is a result of static. Not much can be done about this unfortunately.


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