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Hearing problem

Q: I have some problem in hearing. I can hear well from my right ear well. I had a check-up in one of the famous Chennai hospitals and they suggested me to use a hearing aid. But I am working in an office so I feel shy. Is there any possiblity to hear well without a hearing aid? When people talk in low voices then I face problems. Please suggest a solution, I am ready for operation if I can hear well after surgery.

A:If it is sensori neural in type related to inner ear damage then the only treatment is by hearing aid. However, if there is a conductive hearing loss caused by damage to the eardrum or middle ear structures, then surgery might be possible but there is always a very slight risk of making the hearing worse by surgery. I assume that all the appropriate investigations have been carried out to diagnose the exact cause of your hearing loss and I would be able to answer the question much more accurately if I had this information.


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