Gum disease

Q: I have been suffering for 5/6 days from continuous but mild pain in my teeth of the lower gums. I have no problem in chewing biscuits or rice or anything else. But I feel soft pain in between the two teeth. I have consulted a dentist and have taken lots of tablets but there was no improvement. I also feel comfortable by pressing the teeth of the upper & lower jaws at a time. How shall I get relief from this pain? I have no trouble in drinking hot tea or cold water.

A:The symptoms given by you are suggestive of gum disease, however it can only be known after examination by a dentist. In case you are suffering from gum ailment it has to be treated by an experienced dentist or gum specialist called Periodontist. He might take some xrays and evaluate the case and treat it conservatively or surgically. But no amount of medicines alone shall be of any help without the procedure in case required.


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