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Q: My blood pressure rose one morning to 150/100 mm Hg (age 38 years). Heart related tests shows negative. The doctor diagnosed the cause and attributed it to mental tension and another doctor, diagnosed as due to gastroenteritis. However, upon testing (endoscopy and colonoscopy)for gastroenteritis, there was nothing unusual found as per the doctor. But, I observe lots of gas release regularly. I do feel occasional pain in my stomach. Do I have gastroenteritis or not? How does gastroenteritis contribute to the rise in blood pressure?

A:It does not appear that you have gastroenteritis which manifests with diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. Moreover, gastroenteritis is not commonly associated with high blood pressure. I suggest you should have your BP rechecked and if it is persistently elevated you need treatment with an anti-hypertensive medication.


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