Q: I was diagnosed with endometriosis of ovaries 2 years ago. I took Danazol for 9 months. But it did not work so I had a operative laparoscopy in Dec 2000. I was then given Danazol for 21 days, was asked to wait for my period and then again have danazol for 21 days. I have now finished the medication and my periods have become regular once again. I want to conceive now. I just want to know what are my chances of conceiving naturally and how long should I wait before going to the doctor if I am not able to conceive. Also how long does it take on an average for endometriosis to reoccur?

A:I would like to know the operative laproscopic findings. If the tubes were found to be open in laproscopy then chances of your conception naturally are good. You can plan conception immediately and if you don't conceive in two cycles then you should consult your gynaec. If endometriosis was found during laproscopy in early stages then chances of reccurance of endometriosis are very less.


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