Q: I suffer from colitis and have been undergoing this from the last 4 years. I am not able to relieve myself in the morning properly and need to go to the toilet atleast 3-4 times everyday. What should I do?

A:I think what you have got is not 'colitis' but irritable bowel syndrome. The term 'colitis' is often loosely used for any frequency of bowel action. If you have urgency (particularly in the morning with a rush to the toilet), frequency, a feeling of not emptying your bowels completely, wind and bloating and otherwise feel well( no weight loss, no bleeding/blood in the stools) - then it sounds like the irritable bowel syndrome. This is a common problem and not associated with any pathology. Probably 20-30% of the population have it. It is a nuisance but can be helped by some medication. I suggest you see your doctor to establish the diagnosis (particularly to exclude 'proper colitis' where the treatment is very different) and then you can take the appropriate treatment.


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