Brain tumour

Q: My mother had Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain tumour) in 1998. Which was detected after she had a mild paralytic attack. Subsequently her operation was done in VIMHANS. As of now she has recovered. It has been 3 years since the operation. My questions are: a} Are their chances of tumours re-appearing in the brain or other parts of her body if it does then I do not think she will be able to withstand another painful cycle of operation. b} She is becoming a little forgetful of late. Is there any treatment for it. She is now 56 years old. c} Her haemoglobin count, even after, two and a half years of chemotherapy remains at 10 or 9.8. She is otherwise fit, walks slowly but does a lot of work around the house. We are in constant touch with the doctors and go in for regular check ups after every 4 months now, and CT scan after every 6 months.

A:a) The fact that there has been no reappearance of the tumour in the brain over the past three years is encouraging. Your neurosurgeon will be cheered by this fact. She must remain under his periodic observation. There is a chance that the tumour may yet make a reappearance. I suggest you help her enjoy herself to the fullest, living from day to day and not worry about what treatment may be necessary should the tumour reappear. Let us cross that bridge if and when we come to it. b) Your neurologist will check her and advise you whether any treatment is necessary. As we age, all of us tend to become somewhat forgetful and absent minded. Apart from the need to devise simple methods for remembering important details, such mild loss of memory does not interfere in our daily lives in most cases. c) You have pointed out that she is able to attend to her routine without difficulty. In that event, apart from providing her a capsule of vitamin B complex and another containing iron each day, nothing further may be necessary.


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