Bleeding gums

Q: I have a problem with teeth, for more than 6 months now. I have a problem of bleeding gums. I do not feel fresh even after brushing. I consulted a dentist and he told me that I have some holes in my teeth and it needs filling up. He said that he cannot clean and cannot fill up the holes as it may lead to lot of bleeding and pain. Please suggest me some remedies to overcome my problem

A:1.) Problem of bleeding gums is because of inflamed and swollen gums. Getting gum treatment done is the only way to treat a gum infection. Tartar and plaque is removed from the surface of the teeth. Antibiotics may be needed. If needed curettage of soft tissue gums may also have to be done. To buy time till you can go to any dentist, brush your teeth after all meals, use finger pressure to massage your gums. Use a mouth wash daily. 2.) As far as the second problem of holes in the teeth is concerned, they seem to be carious lesions, commonly known as cavities. To prevent further damage and spread of the bacterial infection, you should get the filling put in, but they are not likely to be the cause of the bleeding gum. 3.)As far as the pain is concerned if any procedure is potentially painful, the dentist will administer local anaesthesia which will make the area numb and you won't have pain. So go ahead find a good dentist and get your dental treatment done.


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