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Bilateral breast cancer

Q: My mother (66 years old) was diagnosed with advanced bilateral breast cancer 3 and 1/2 years ago. It was supected to be present in a couple of vertebra as well. She went through a gruelling round of chemotherapy - 6 sessions of Pacltaxel. Then she went through radiotherapy (31 days). For 3 years she has been under Nolvadex. About 4 months ago she has been diagnosed for recurrence. The disease seems to have spread further in the bones - more vertebrae. As a result the oncologist has changed her drugs. Nolvadex has been stopped. She has now been started on Femara. I request you to give me an opinion about this.

A:Of course, it is not possible to give you an accurate answer without seeing your mother and all the reports, but from the history that you have given me of your mother's illness suggests that you are on the right track. There is a suggestion that I would like to make that you could discuss with your doctor, and this is the possibility of giving her injection Pamidronate 90 mg once a month in addition to Femara. This drug helps in strengthening the bones and preventing fractures and relieving pain.


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