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5 Common Travel Diseases You Can Save Yourself From

You become good targets for bugs and bacteria when you travel. Planning to travel over the long weekend? Know the 5 travel diseases you can avoid in your next vacation.

5 Common Travel Diseases You Can Save Yourself From

Avoid these common travel diseases in your next travel outside the city

Traveling can be an enriching experience. The knowledge it brings you about different customs, food, lifestyle and even personal differences in human nature can help you live your life better. But if you aren't careful, there's a high chance of falling sick while you travel. Going to a city or country different from yours means a change in temperature, food, air and water. And this can allow viruses or bacteria to enter you body and manifest in the form of diseases.

Here are 5 common travel diseases you should stay in guard of:

1. Traveller's diarrhea

If you get this, you are pretty much spending your holiday in the bathroom. Traveler's diarrhea is very easy to get as it spreads from food and water. You will regularly see Indian sportsperson complain of loose bowels when they go out to represent the country and most foreigners who visit India also get this.

How to avoid: Wash your hands every time before a meal and it will dramatically reduce your chances of getting infections. Also stick to bottled water, freshly cooked or covered food.


Washing your hands regularly is important to avoid bacteria & virus from getting in your body
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2. Malaria

This disease spreads by the anopheles mosquito that is commonly found in Asia, south america, the Caribbean and eastern Europe. If you feel strong chills despite high fever, body pain and nausea, the mosquito has infected your blood. You can take antimalarial medicine to treat it.

How to avoid: Stay away from waste dumps, lakes and open shelters specially during night time. Carry mosquito repellents wherever you go and stick to long sleeved shirts or tops.

3. Norovirus

Found particularly in colder climates, this viral infection causes gastroenteritis and diarrhea in people. You are at risk if you are planning a trip to UK, Ireland or nearby countries. People can get bloody stools and vomiting because of this.

How to avoid: Wash your hands regularly and prevent yourself from touching your mouth or face again and again to avoid this disease. Also try to eat only hygienic and fresh food.

stomach pain

Norovirus can cause extreme pain, diarrhea or constipation in people
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4. Tuberculosis

People vacationing in Asia, sub-saharan Africa and central america commonly come in contact with this disease. Is spreads because of a bacteria that you can come in contact with when an infected person near you sneezes, coughs or even sings. You may feel chest pain, a lack of appetite and intense sweating at night if you have time.

How to avoid: Carry face masks and wear them in crowded areas and mass transit. Also make sure that you have got vaccinated for TB in childhood, or get vaccinated now.

5. Influenza

This is a viral infection that targets your throat, nose and lungs. Children with a weak immune system are especially susceptible to it. Any tropical place is likely to be infected with influenza causing virus and you can get the disease when through kissing, shaking hands, or touching the pillow or doorknob of the infected person.

How to avoid: Like TB, limit your interaction with people and clean yourself regularly to avoid it.

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