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Changes in Boys

Written by : DoctorNDTV Team

Puberty in boys starts with a growth spurt between 10 to 16 years of age. The following are some changes that occur:

Body shape: The boy gets taller and the shoulders get broader. There is a significant weight gain. Some boys may notice a swelling under their nipples that may arouse fears that they are growing breasts. This is a temporary condition but if it persists or causes serious concern, a paediatrician must be consulted. Muscles in the body become bigger and stronger.

Voice: The voice starts to crack. With further growth, the cracking stops and the voice becomes deeper.

Hair: Hair appear under the arms, on the legs and face, and in the pubic region just above the penis.

Skin: The skin may become more oily and sweating is more. Pimples may appear and are called acne.

Penis: The penis becomes larger and both testes also increase in size. Penile erections begin to occur more often as a result of an increase in male sex hormones (testosterone). During erections the penis gets stiff and hard. This is normal even though it may sometimes cause embarrassment. Often there are concerns about the penis size; when parents compare the size of their son's penis with that of another child. It is important to remember that the size of the penis varies greatly and the size has nothing to do with a person's manliness or sexual functioning.

The testes also begin to produce sperms. This means that during an erection, ejaculation may occur. In this the semen (made up of sperm and other fluids) is released through the penis. This could also happen during sleep, called a nocturnal emission or "wet dream." This is completely normal and will decrease as one gets older.

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