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What is the treatment?

Written by : DoctorNDTV Team

The treatment of the nosebleed depends on the cause and severity. In case of a mild nosebleed, pinching the nose for about five minutes may help to stop the bleeding. A person who has repeated nose bleeds or a nosebleed that does not stop needs further treatment. Topical anaesthesia (applying the medicine to numb the required area directly on its surface) and medicine to shrink blood vessels may be given. If the doctor can see the broken blood vessel by examination, it can be sealed by applying heat or electrical probe to stop the bleeding.

If the source of bleeding cannot be seen, a special tube is inserted into the nose to see it better and the bloodvessel can be sealed the tube if needed. If the cause is a bleeding or clotting disorder, medication can treat it. If the cause is a tumour, may be required surgery to remove the tumour.

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