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Travel tips:
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Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Written by : DoctorNDTV Team
Diabetes is a chronic illness and needs to be continuously managed. However, it does not mean that diabetics cannot travel or will have any problems while on a trip. There are only some tips that the patient needs to keep in mind to have a tension-free and safe holiday.
  • Get the location and duration of the trip approved by the treating physician.
  • If possible, get the doctor to prescribe medication that may be required during the travel period. The medications may include not only those used to treat diabetes, but also ones for preventing nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc.
  • Make preparations for getting your blood sugar checked at the destination. You should also try to identify medical services in the vicinity of your area for any emergency.
Travel tips:
Travel tips:Apart from the medical services available at the place of your stay, it is also necessary to be alert and make preparations thereof, during the duration of your journey. Some tips for the journey are:
  • Keep the insulin or the oral anti-diabetic drugs handy; carry it in hand baggage in the plane or train.
  • Protect the insulin from extreme heat or cold.
  • Maintain your food habits even when your routine is different. Eat at regular intervals and do not overeat.
  • Keep candies or toffees handy in case of a sudden drop in blood sugar.
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