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Fizzy drinks cause tooth erosion

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Fizzy drinks are the major cause of tooth erosion in teenagers. The aerated drinks consumed by teenagers wear away the protective coating on the teeth, which leads to dental erosion and weakens the teeth. It can cause thinning or chipping of tooth edges too. Researchers from the Birmingham University, United Kingdom, found that drinking fizzy drinks once a day significantly increases a child's chances of suffering dental erosion. Drinking four or more glasses of fizzy drinks a day raises a twelve-year-old's chances of suffering from tooth erosion by 252 percent, whereas heavy consumption in 14-year-olds increased the risk to 513 percent. Unlike the high levels of sugar in these drinks that cause tooth decay, the acidic substances present in these drinks cause tooth erosion, which is more harmful. Even the diet versions of aerated drinks are harmful. The researchers concluded that it is the parents who need to understand the difference between tooth decay and tooth erosion. In fact it is more important for them to be aware of the harmful effects of the acidity of certain products in these drinks.

Diabetes The British Dental Journal ,
March 2004

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