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Is your child wetting the bed?

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Is your child wetting the bed?

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  • Bed wetting is common in young children who are learning to control the need to urinate during sleep. It may be due to a family history of bed wetting.

  • The child may be having difficulty waking up from sleep or under physical or emotional stress.

  • There could be a urinary tract infection causing bed-wetting.

  • There may be functional or structural causes leading to wetting. These include a hormonal imbalance or an abnormality that affects the spinal cord, urethral valve in boys or abnormal opening of ureter in girls or boys.

  • Reducing fluids before bed and having your child go to the bathroom when starting the bedtime routine (and again just before sleep) will often help reduce bed-wetting.

Monday, 18 July 2011

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