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Excessive Thinking and Worrying
Sent by SUNDEEP, Thursday, April 07, 2011
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I tend to think too much about all circumstances, its pros, cons and consequences. As a result I worry too much and always under stress. I know it is WRONG, but i am unable to put a STOP to this monkey mind. I do not want to take pills to make me calm.

I am suspecting it may cause health problems for me . Please advise what do people who suffer from this problem handle it.


Re:Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  18:30 IST, Monday, May 09, 2011
  @SUNDEEP.....frnd there has been an error in my post...plz read "Remember there's no shame in taking help of a counsellor"....wish u the best of health.
Re:Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  06:04 IST, Friday, May 06, 2011
  Reply by: dipak patil
  Dear sudeep
If you get a book from Dail Carnage,titled "How to stop worring and start living", you read it. In this book, practicle examples are given to handle such worry problems.
keep laughing.
Re:Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  18:06 IST, Tuesday, April 12, 2011
  @SUNDEEP......FEAR is actually "grand father of all superstitions" is this FEAR within urself that is making u think too much abt all circumstances & ultimately u end up worrying a lot ,resulting in stress related problems.Y be afraid of anything(be it any circumstances , person or the society at large).when u r engaging in any activity,give it ur best and don't think abt the result.If by chance u make a mistake ,let it be.Make ur own mistake ad learn frm them and move on in life.Remember majority of ur critics would criticise u bcoz they r jealous of ur success r are happy 2 c u in tight position.So there's no need 2 give then imp.Try some stress relaxation exercises like meditation ,free hand etc etc .I would also suggest u to take help of a psyciatrist/counsellor.Remember there's shame in taking a counsellor's help.Wish u the best of help buddy.
Re:Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  18:40 IST, Monday, April 11, 2011
  Reply by: Bharath
  Try Meditation and do little bit exerices, that will help you to distract from the unnecessary thinking. Always think abt the present and dont think abt the present and future mutch..It helps.Enjoy the moment.
Re:Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  17:13 IST, Monday, April 11, 2011
  Reply by: Suriya
  Hi Sundeep,
Most of the people face this problem. It depends on each individual how they handle it. Only thing you got to do is just dont control your thoughts and be a witness for all the thoughts which you get. This will make you to live more in the present and become conscious of your feelings.

Life is all about living at the present with full consciousness without worrying about Past and future. Your Past is like broken pot. It is of no use to you only for the experiences you got and your future is like cat on the wall. It make fall either this side or other side of the wall which you never know. Its out of your control. So why worry about things which are not in your control. With this mentality you can definately relax.

Also try your hand on doing some prayanama (Breathing Exercises), Yoga and meditation. Benefits of these has always been overlooked by some people. They will definately help your mind to relax and give to lot more benefits like killing insomniac, good immune system etc..

Hope this will help you.

All the Best,



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