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Why are corporate hospitals not subject to MRP regulations ?
  Sent by Saripalli Kameswari (Margao-Goa 403602) , 25 December 2010

I am an old lady of 72 years and recently visited my elder sister’s place at Somajiguda. Unfortunately, I had a swelling on my right lower limb and as the nearest hospital was Yashoda Hospital, I approached them for treatment believing their mission statement of providing world class healthcare services at affordable costs as stated in their web site For someone being born in the pre-independence era and having seen the Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi fight for independence from the British, I am now positive that Mahatma’s soul must be crying in disgust and anguish at the state of various instances of corporate loot licenced by the very government that he fought to put in place displacing his notions that success of a government can be seen in the smile of the common man.

I walked into the casualty of this hospital on 16th December, 2010 around 4 pm and was made to sleep on a bed until the consulting physician Dr. Papa Rao was available. The Doctor came at around 6 pm, checked and wrote a note to admissions asking to be admitted into ICU and the admissions section on seeing this note asked me to pay Rs. 40,000/- in advance. When I enquired as to why I should be in ICU when there was nothing critical, they referred me back to Dr. Papa Rao who then directed that I be admitted into wards under his care. I was then asked to pay Rs. 20,000/- in advance. I had Rs.12,000/- with me which I paid and it was only after I paid this amount that they opened the case file and started looking for a bed in the ward. The bed was finally made available at 8.20 pm and the treatment i.e. of administering intravenous antibiotics only started after that. Between this time and next morning, they had only taken samples of blood for various tests and took me to radiology department for a Color Doppler Ultrasonography test and I was told that the bill has mounted to Rs.22,000/- and we have no means of knowing whether all these tests were actually required (especially the one relating to HIV as there was no surgery or blood transfusion in this case) and whether the charges being debited are market related. When I enquired with the billing department for a printed break down of the bill, they said they can not provide one and it will be given only at the time of discharge and they can only give a department wise breakup that is meaningless as you do not know how much they are charging you for each item and they do not inform you the charges for either the medicines or consumables that they are using before actually using them. However, I paid Rs.10,000/- on 17-12-2010. On 18th and 19th they had put a mixture of Magnesium Sulphate commonly known as Epsom Salt and Glycerine and Betadine on my legs and used dressing pads to bandage the leg. The dressing pads were taken from a huge bale and were unbranded and not even packed individually in sealed packs. Finally I requested Dr. Papa Rao that I be discharged on 19th as I was to travel to Goa for which he agreed and prescribed oral antibiotics and noted for discharge on Sunday, 19th December, 2010.

In a nutshell, the only treatment that I received between 16th night to 19th night was administration of intravenous amoxicillin potassium clavulanate antibiotic injections and oral drugs and my leg was dressed twice as stated above and I was not subjected to any surgery. To add to the misery, I was put in Room No. 601 i.e. right on top of the terrace (whether they have the permission from the GHMC for constructing rooms on the terrace is not known) with a false ceiling and a gaping hole in the bathroom because they could not conceal two huge pipes running under probably an asbestos roof (use of asbestos is banned in USA and so much for their world class facility).

On 19th when I finally wanted to settle my bill, I got a shock when they said the bill amount was Rs.36,000/- and that I have to pay Rs.
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Ignorance of doctor during Hysterectomy
  Sent by K. PRABHA (Bangalore) , 15 July 2010
  This is on behalf of my eldest sister aged 42 yrs. She got the uterus removal operation done by a doctor in a private hospital at Chennai. Doctor didnt give any injection bef. surgery to prevent blood clotting after the surgery. Due to which my sister has got blood clotting till her abdomen. Becuause of doctor"s negligence now my sister has to be in medication for 1year & she has to wear stocking for 3 years. My sister is the bread winner of her family. Does my sister deserve this punishment . I need justice &compensation for the mentol agony we all undergone. Pl. suggest me how to proceed further & whom to contact regarding this atrocity done by the doctor.Will /can the doctor bring my sister's health back? The doctor still doesnt feel her mistake i.e. she is commenting that my sister has to carry medicine kit even if she goes by air. How ridiculous is this? We got prize from that doctor as we chose her for the hysterectomy. As we are from middle class family we can just cribb. Is it so? Pl. extend your advise, help &suggestion.I have hope that humanity is still alive.
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Women's Health
  Sent by C KANWAR (Mumbai) , 18 February 2010
  I have pain in lower abdomen, accompanied by burning sensation in the urinay system,as also pain in legs including calf and thighs. It has been going on for long time.

Can you please suggest its cause and possible treatment ?
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How to improve
  Sent by sweety (mumbai) , 26 October 2009
  How to improve the breast size...what kind of excercise will be helpful
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  Sent by Do not Wish to mention (Chennai) , 07 October 2009
Recently I met with an accident and was in bed rest for more than a month now im getting married in 4months. Had a minor fracture near my toe and now im able to walk and have no troubles with my wound. I know i have put weights not over weight Im normal but my butt and thighs have become big. My would be is so cautious on my shape and wants me to reduce my weight. If i reduce my overall weight I ll look very bonny and ugly.. I tried Aerobics but its of no use. Can you pls suggest how to reduce my thighs and butt alone..Will Yoga work out or should i continue with Aerobics or go for GYM..
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To improve breast size
  Sent by sweety (mumbai) , 30 September 2009
  Hi,pls help me am 23 years,my breast size is very smaller , pls suggest some ways of improving the size by diet excercise
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About Kidney
  Sent by Seema Sharma (Kanpur) , 18 September 2009
  Hi, i am Abhishek seema`s huband recently i the docs at SGPGI lko diagonosed CRF by nephro till today her Sr Cr. has gone to 3.65 max. i just wanted to know whether this is a curable disease and what diet restrictions should be there.

What about Stem Cell therepy? Is this an alternative available to me
Please guide if anybody reads this.
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My problem
  Sent by Nidhi (Mumbai) , 28 August 2009
  I am 18 years old girl. My problem is that I feel too much gas and every hour or two I need to visit toilet to release. It is also embarassing for me to again & again visit toilet. My farts are loud and smelly. I am veg. Can you please suggest?
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irregular periods
  Sent by jyoti paul (new delhi) , 05 July 2009
  hi i am an unmarried girl. past 1yr i have irregular periods problem and my weigth is also increasing day by day, i consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries for which i took 3 months medicine course and from then i had regular periods and on march my ultrasound was normal but again i m experincing the same problem. my weight is 63kg, hb is 10.3, prolactin 7.50ng/ml, FSH 3.9 mlu/ml , Leutinsing hormone 4.45 mlu/ml, Serum insulin(f)-21.0 uu/ml . plz suggest me something regarding my concern and is there anything to worry? thanks, waiting for reply.
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problem with sex
  Sent by Toh (Bangladesh) , 31 January 2009
  Hi Priya,

If you want to get pregnant, just have intercourse with your husband on regfular basis. If there is no other problem either with you or your hubby, you will get pregnant naturally soon. In case any one of you have problem, you have to consult Doctor. That you can understand few months later after repeated trying. Best wishes. Let me know progress. Take care.
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