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A patient best relates his or her medical experiences to another patient. We invite you to share your experiences about health related issues and problem while travelling if you think it might help others.
  Sent by Jeff (Mumbai) , 16 March 2011
  It as an embarrasing problem for most people. While working in office or at home, how do you overcome this problem of the urge to pass gas. Sometimes it becomes unbearable in certain circumstances. The unflattering sound and smell is very embarrasing.
This is often a taboo topic..I invite both male and females to share their experience and how they manage it.
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RE: Yawning.......... Too long
  Sent by RAMRATAN SINGHI (GURGAON) , 19 August 2010

I am a very active professional who has about 2 weeks of traveling every month.

Being an Entrepreneur, work is worship.

My problem is: Whenever I Yawn, my mouth takes bit longer to close.

Its sort of gets stuck from the SOCKET that connect the upper and lower jaw.

Sometimes, I have to use hand to close my mouth.

I can hear a crack sound when the jaw closes from near the socket.

And the frequency of my Yawns is increasing.........

What could be the reason and what could be the possible Solution?
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