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Kidney Transplanation
  Sent by xyz (Delhi) , 17 January 2011
  My 26years old girl. I want to donate my one kidney to my mother. Because my mother is ckd patient in from two years. She is 60 years old & she is suffering from high blood pressure .her hg. 4.5 this time .what is possble my mother suitable to kidney transplanation surgery. Please give me correct suggestion for this plan. I hope you give me correct suggestion for this plan
Thank you.
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Transplantation kideny.
  Sent by Madhu (Delhi) , 14 January 2011
  My problem is i want to donate my one kideny to my mother. Because she is already C.R.F & high B.P.patient .She is already 60 years old. what is possible or not possible.Please as soon as give me my question's answer.
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Inguinal hernia
  Sent by da (600) , 17 November 2010
  Can pregnancy be planned with inguinal hernia?
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Gall Stones
  Sent by Tesfaye Chane (Addis Ababa) , 10 October 2008
  My name is Tesfaye Chane.I am now 38 years old.I have never been in a hospital throughout my life.Before a month I become very febrile and stared vomiting very yellowish fluid and go to the hospital and gave blood sample for further examination and according to the doctors from the result I am told that I have gallstones in the gall bladder,they finally told me that I should be operated to remove the gallstone and I do not have financial capacity to pay and to remove it so will it have further some problem If I live with the gallstone?
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Hymenoplasty and vaginal reconstruction
  Sent by mousami (new delhi, india) , 26 March 2009
  for hymenoplasty you may consult Dr. Prabhash at new delhi india. i got it done by him, very cost effective and very satisfactory result. you may visit his website for his contact details.
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Treatment for Branchial Fistula
  Sent by Sharvan Ahuja (Faridabad) , 17 March 2009
  My 5 years Boy is suffering from Branchial Fistuala , I Want to know what would be the duration of operation and cost of operation, Number of possible stitches on Neck for the treated area, best hospital to consult
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Foreskin problem.
  Sent by dr prabhash (delhi) , 26 March 2009
  dear puneguy, you must be having tight prepuce but please rule out if you are acquiring sexually transmitted disease .polygamy is not a good thing. anyway you may get circumcision done in with newer techniques which will maintain your look,enhanced pleasure and longevity during making love.
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Foreskin problem.
  Sent by Mr. A (Chennai) , 13 March 2009
  Dear Pune guy, I had the same probs in my schooling, there is no relation b/w the child egg creation and the skin which you are talking about.. Pls go to the doctor and tell him to remove the skin.. Just its a 15 mins surgery, they will remove the skin.. In muslim community they will do it in the younger age itself.. But we have to do it .. It will take 10 days to heal the wound atleast try to avoid contact at that time with your spouse.. After this surgery you will not have pain or injury..
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Foreskin problem.
  Sent by puneguy (Pune) , 12 March 2009
  Some times when I have sex with girls, the foreskin craks or scars are left after sex. After that I can pull the foreskin back,it is painful. This doesnt happen everytime, but it happens often. I am married, but dont have child, I am afraid if this is causing the problem to make my wife pregnent though I have done the all the test in Dr. Pathlabs and as per the report the sperm quantity is fine. When I ejaculate the sperms doent come out with force, but it ejects and run down through my penis. One more thing, I can pull my skin back even when it is errected, but sometimes it is painfull. I am very worried. My life is ruined. Please advice....
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  Sent by sussan (chicago) , 09 March 2009
  my 14month old baby is having a supra umbilical operation, how safe it is?
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