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  Sent by vishal gupta (tarn taran) , 03 May 2011
  I have Psoriasis from about 5 years, i have just came back from Australia after four years, this problem was severe when i was in Australia, over there i visited general practionors to skin specialists but didn't get much relief , i have also paid thousands of dollars to naturopathic but end up with no luck. Now days i am in india and After a treatment in Ayurveda because i know there is no permanent cure for this problem in Allopathic.
If anybody can help please let me know.


vishal gupta
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  Sent by Lalit (Delhi) , 19 October 2010
  I am 28 years old unmarried male. i am losing my hair drastically for the last 4 months... i also use coconut oil thrice in a week, but the amount of hair fall is increasing day to day.. how can my hair fall be managed? due to this, i am losing my confidence also..
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Hair loss
  Sent by sandeep (Mumbai) , 05 July 2010
  I am suffering from excessive hair fall duering this monsoon. I am just 19 years old and am really worried. What will happen if I go bald? Please help me out.
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  Sent by Uday (Mumbai) , 21 June 2010
  I am a 21 years old male suffering from severe itching in all body parts due to rain water. What should I do to get rid of it?
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  Sent by v.s.venkatramaiah (hyderabad) , 28 February 2010
  dear sir,
I am having a small pimple on my stomak since five years ,I dont have any pain or any problem with that, is it any problem with that in feature,to cure that one what I have to do.
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skin pigmentation
  Sent by ramesh (Kathmandu) , 03 September 2009
  i have sun burn like spotes near my both eyes since 10 years. i think its skin pigmentation problem. skin experts suggest me some sort of medecine but my problem is intact. i regularly using sunblock creams and taking other precutions. my skin is fair.
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    , 14 January 2009
  please consult a good dermatologist/your healthcare provider for treatment. Your problem is a treatable condition.
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  Sent by sunny (jammu) , 14 January 2009
  Dear, i am also facing this problem from last 6 years, went so many doctors, taking their medicins,but no complete cure is happning.It comes again & again.I am not understanding why & how it happned.So please suggest what to do??
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    , 14 January 2009
  Dear Sir,

Do not be panicky about psoriasis. Consult a good dermatologist in your area and stick to his advice. I am sure psoriasis would be controlled Lifestyle modifications do help. continue or discontinue of the tablet is not our privilege It is a privilege of the dermatologist who has started Do not decide about the medicines on your own Consult a good dermatologist and stick to him. Have faith on him. I reassure you that psoriasis will get controlled. I appreciate your anxiety.
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  Sent by vkmishra (bhilwara) , 09 January 2009
  symptom of psoriosis appears only on bottom of feet. heavy itching.some doctors saying it is fungus and nails fingers palm has began to infected. used one tab daily of betnasol tablet .deases disappeared.but one doctor said it is dangerous so i stoped the use .pl help what is
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