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  Sent by Rama (bangalore) , 25 February 2011
  My husband wants lights to be on during intercourse. Also My husband force me to do masturbation for him regularly. He wants me suck his penis regularly. He also wants me to meausure the length of his hard and long penis. Ofcourse, I also enjoy and like to do all these things. Is this common in all men ?
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Is oral sex safe?
  Sent by Mannu (Delhi) , 15 June 2010
  Is it safe to have oral sex with a partner of unkown status? I am just 20 years old and by mistake I had sex with my friend's mother. It was only oral. I mean we just kissed each other. Is it harmful? Will I get AIDS?
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Am I homosexual?
  Sent by Swapnil Satija (Mumbai) , 10 June 2010
  I am 23 years old. I am a male but always attracted towards males only. I always wonder If I am homosexual or not? Once I had sex with my roommate, who has a girl friend also but claims to be a bisexual. Just wanted to ask if I have any future as a gay? iS it normal to feel for a male? Should I disclose all this to my family?
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premature ejaculation
  Sent by Bishwas (patna) , 26 May 2010
  During sex, I ejaculate prematurely, which is causing me great shame and insult in front of my wife. Please tell me what should I do to increase the time and to fare better in sexual relationship? Anyone with the same problem?
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Lost Interest on sex
  Sent by sam (Bangalore) , 21 May 2010
  I got married 2 years back. Now I lost complete interest to have sex with my wife. Due to this nowadays I am started going with other girls and having safe sex. And I am feeling hard to come out of this.
1) Need advice on How to improve the sex life with wife?.
2) Will I get infected by other girls even even I have safe sex ?
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Excessive pain during sex
  Sent by Kavya (Delhi) , 17 May 2010
  dont know how to describe my problem but am experiencing very high pain while sex with my husband. m newly married and we used gels and lubricants. but nothing helped. what should i do to perevent pain during sex?
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  Sent by AQUEEL AHMED KHAN (ROHTAS, BIHAR) , 31 December 2009
  I am having excessive sexual desire and with the little thought or erection of penis there is a lot of white discharge from the penis. In the childhood i used to do masterbation a lot.

Although i am married person with two kids. It is really irritating to get my clothes wet even well before the actual foreplay. Secondly, i ejaculate very early leaving my partner in anger.

Kindly advise me.
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Sexaual Problam
  Sent by Mazia (new delhi) , 02 July 2009
  I m 32 yrs old (Mazia) female married on 27 oct. 2007, and i have Ultrasound by doctor advise from Inview Lab NFC New Delhi by Dr. Beena Tiwari (MD, Radio Dignosis) Pelvis test uterus is antiverted and anteflaxed measuring 69 x 38 x 45 mm in size.
The echopattern of myometrium is homogenous. No focal mass lesion is defined. The uterine contour is regular.The cervix is unmarkable.
The endometrial is echos are liner measuring 5.0 mm in thikness. No mass is delineated in the endometrial cavity.
Right ovary is normal in size measuring 30x12 mm
Left ovary is enlarged in size measuring 40x23 mm.
There is a thick walled and multi loculated cyst measuring 31x22 mm present in left ovary & mild echoes seen it.
There is pelvic fluid collection or mass lesion.
conclusion : left ovarian cyst - endometriosis.

Urine examination:
vol: 30ml color: P.Yellow tranparncy: Clear
chemical exam:
Reaction Acidic albumin Nil sugar Nil
microscopic exam:
Pus cell 02-04 ? Hpf RBC Nil Epithellial Cell 01-02 / Hpf Casts Nil Crystals Nil Bacteria Nil Others Nil
Hemoglobin (Hb):
Result 11.0
Unit : g/dl
Please advice me and we already discussed with our gynologist but she advice me some medicin ayurvedik and femlion for 21 days and suggest we can wait and watch for three month then after take some desession may operate and im not satisfied with my gyno (Doctor)
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  Sent by rahul (dubai) , 30 June 2009
  dr -My semens is not thick it is watery ,i want to know how mans semen becomes thick is there any medicine for that or it is natural.
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