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unable to conceive
  Sent by Meetika (Hyderabad) , 18 August 2010
  Hello doctor, i am 29 years old homemaker. I am trying to conceive for the last 1 year but unsuccessful. We underwent tests also, all came normal. What could be the reason?? I m worried, please advise.
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sex without contraceptive devices
  Sent by inderpal (Delhi) , 14 July 2010
  Hi.. i am a 22 years old student have a girl friend. last week we both got intimate and had sex without using any contraceptive devices like condoms or ipill. i want to know what are chances of her to get pregnant??? please advice .. we both are worried...
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No vomiting during pregnancy
  Sent by kavita Sharma (Delhi) , 21 May 2010
  Is it normal no to vomit during pregnancy? I am pregnant, 3 months and never vomitted ever. My gyne is saying that baby is healthy and ultrasound came good. But then y am I missng vomitings? All my friends whom I have asked said they vomited during pregnancy. I am very scared and confused???????
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BP in pregnancy
  Sent by Riya (kuwait) , 13 March 2010
  I’m taking ‘Amlozek 5mg (one time per day) for my BP. My BP is showing normal. I am planning to conceive now. Can I continue the same tablet during the pregnancy? Is it harmful or Safe? Kindly advise?
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Will rubella igg positive has harm ful effects
  Sent by fatema (mumbai) , 23 February 2009
  Dear Sir.
i have rubella infection in me n i am 7mths pregnanat now.i have consulted a doctor.i have rubella igg positive3.45. plz sugest me wht should
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1st month pregnancy
  Sent by ritu (delhi) , 10 January 2009
  its my first month of pregnancy , every thing is new for me , i dont want to eat nything .plz suggest the best diet .till wht time i cnt do sex
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2 week pregency
  Sent by ritu (delhi) , 16 February 2009
  Dear dont worry. doctor denied for ultrasound cox size of baby is too small. difficult for them to check. and dont hesitate whenver go for check up ask frequent questions to doctor . m at same stage .
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2 week pregency
  Sent by Sheetal Namdeo (India delhi) , 08 February 2009
  hello sir,,

i am pregnenet and 7.02.2009 i am going for ultrasound and doctor said that u have very early pregnency and you come after 20 days and we check again..

so please tell me there is any complication or all are normal,, actually i am very tens about my baby.. sir mail me soon i am waiting your mail..
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want a feed back abt geting pregnancy
  Sent by Fatima (hyderabad) , 29 April 2009
  Hello sir/madam,
My name is fatima,aging abt 27yrs an married 5 yrs back.First of all i would say abt my self.I had post menses/periods.I got first period at the age of 17. from that time iam getiing for at least 2-3 months delay,for this i got treatment still i used to get for same 2-3 months and lasts for 10-12 days.I got married and this i said to my husband.Still the problem existed ,then we went for honeymoon,and like that we spent for 2yrs,as i was not pregnant my mother-in-law said that i shaould take homeopthy treatment ,but there was no use.After that i was to get delay periods for abt 6-7 months.Then my mother said that she will take me to treatment and like that my treatment started .Since from last yr (may 2008) and from then i used to get monthly periods and doctor gave me medicines and injections.With this i got some hope abt childrens.But to my fate my husband left to gulf for 2yrs and he will be bck in 2011.As he left to saudi i had an hope that iam pregnent as i did not get periods for 4 months ,but now ,this month(april) i got periods and lasts for same 12days.iam very much upsetand from middle class,my family is very much worried abt me and abt the community.So much money has been spent for my treatment.and i hve 2 sisters.

Please help me for god sake,what should i do to get pregnancy,as my inlaws are torteing me for children and say that they will go for 2nd
marry for my husband.

Please help help.
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Blurdness in vision
  Sent by ABC (Delhi) , 24 April 2009
  Dear All,

I just had a missed abortion i.e. heart beats of the baby stopped at 7th week and I had to go for a D&C .Even after 2 weeks of D&C my bleeding was not stopping .It was on and off .As per advice of doctor I took tablet Meprate 10 mg twice a day for 5 days .Since then I am feeling hazyness in my eyes .Its more in left eye .I am not able to read clearly espically small letters (either from distance or fm near) .I went to eye doctor they performed tests and found eyes retina and power are okay as such .They said may be harmonal changes after pregnancy are leading to this problem .They adviced to wait a week time to see how it is improving. My gyney told me to stop Meprate and suspecing that it could be due to progestrone harmone of this medicine. Although I am able to see and vision is not that hazy always but still its somewhat uncomforatable and I have to put strain while reading letters with left eye fm near or at distance. Though with lots of strain I can read but I am worried . If its medicine side effect will it go at its own . can anyone help me in this .
Thanks for reading my problem and thansks in advance.
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