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  Sent by Narayan Parodkar (Panaji) , 23 February 2011
  I am the CKD patient for last ten years, but my blood pressure raise up to 130 to 135 mmHg or some time goes down up to 110. I do not have right kidney since birth as per the medical report. My left kidney is malfunctioning, I have no any time facing sickness like vomiting, swelling in the body or any such symptoms of kidney disorder. Sir, please give me your suggestion to me for my better life.
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constant loose motion
  Sent by tshetash (thimphu) , 08 November 2010
  it's has been more then a month since i started to have this disease. initially i thought it's a simple diarrhea. but it's been more then a month so i am bit worried. since i dont have any pain exception to that i have to go toilet more then 4 times a day. the stool also seems like mud and what should i do and what medicine should i take?
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Is donating blood safe?
  Sent by Reetika (Hydrabad) , 14 June 2010
  I am a 23 years old girl. I want to donate blood but am scared of it because I think it can tramsit infections and make one HIV positive. Is it really so?
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Excessive masturbation
  Sent by kabir (Mumbai) , 07 June 2010
  I am addicted to masturbation. Cant think of anything else than it. Cant even concentrate on my studies and my friends have stopped talking to me after knowing this. What should I do?
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Hair Transplant
  Sent by Sooraj (chennai) , 25 September 2009
  Hi All,

Does any one have idea of hair transplant in chennai? I am a 23 years old. I am experiencing Baldness very rapidly for the past one month. Almost half my head has gone bald in the last one month. I am very worried about this. A year before I consulted a dermatologist and he prescribed Mintop, which i have been using till date. After using Mintop, the hair fall reduced a lot and I felt happy. But since last month using Mintop also does not give any result. Can any one help me on this.

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Feel like touching women in Crowded places
  Sent by SPIC  , 15 January 2009
  This is nothing wrong feeling. Most of the young guys have this feeling. But make sure that u dont touch any girl in public else the consequence will be very bad if she screams and abuses u. As u told some girls co-operated u. In such situation u can enjoy again risk is involved. Better watch the girls whom u get attracted and masterbate later by fantasizing them. This will be the safest way to take care. Share me ur e-mail ID as even I get attracted towards girls but never touch any though if they co-operate also. We can share our experiences in more detail, may be that may give some learning for both of us.
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  Sent by ramu (Delhi) , 28 January 2009
  If you can, please go ahead and enjoy. Try as much as you can. Remember none of the two blackmails you at work place.
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Penis Size
  Sent by savy (mexico) , 24 February 2009
  Is it true that it helps u get back the power and hardness?
I heard that it will open all your penis nerves so that the flow of blood becomes good.

Please advise???

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Penis Size
  Sent by BVNDT (bangalore) , 25 February 2009
  See brother you have what deserve dont get embarrassed still you would satisfify your partner , please never worry about the size of penis, which will make you worry of no use. you have enough potentioal to do what you could. just reclaim your life brother
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Feel like touching women in Crowded places
  Sent by Michael  , 25 April 2009
  it is a dangerous psychic condition of yours that could get into serious trouble. Get married and have healthy sexual life. THis feeling would go away (hopefully)
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