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Shared Experiences
A patient best relates his or her medical experiences to another patient. We invite you to share your experiences about liver related problems if you think it might help others.
Mild fever
  Sent by Mark (Piliyandala) , 22 November 2010
  I have been having mild fever with body ache for several yrs.To do my work I need to take 2 tablets of paracetemol mornings & evenings.
I had history of heavy drinking for 30 yrs & stopped it completely over 5 yrs ago..as I set in for cirrohosis.I vomited blood 8 yrs ago,& it did not happen again.I'have enlarged prostrate glands & have been on hytrin for over a yr.I was tested for filaria,dengue & proved negative.Doctors are unable to find the cause.
I'm obesse with 110 Kg & unable to do exercise due to body ache.My sugar was slightly high & is now under control with a 1mg tablet og GP-1 at night.

Pls help me, as to what I should do......to lead a normal life.Pls email me also.Thanks.
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Reg: Ulcerative Colitis & J Pouch Surgery
  Sent by Haridas (India) , 28 February 2009
  thanks for sharing the information
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Ayurvedic cure for Hepatitis B
  Sent by Ravindra Kandari (Delhi) , 27 March 2009
i m suffering from hepa B do thar syrup works if works thn plz send me details on my mail ID.
thanks & Regards
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can yoga & pranayama cure hepatitis B
  Sent by nagendra (delhi) , 29 April 2009
  PL CONTACT ME AT 25686083 OR 9717640815

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Cure for Hepatitis-B
  Sent by svj rao (Hyderabad) , 06 May 2009
  Please send the name of the syrup one of my friends is suffering from the same
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can yoga & pranayama cure hepatitis B
  Sent by banuprakash (bangalore) , 24 March 2009
  dear Abhishek,

can you please share information with me.
my father & brother are suffering from Hepatites B infection.
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can yoga & pranayama cure hepatitis B
  Sent by Raghavendra (Bangalore) , 17 August 2008
  I also have chronic hepatis B detected recently. Can it be cured through yoga?
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Cure for Hepatitis-B
  Sent by Mrs. N. Sehgal  , 19 December 2008

Effective, All Natural Formula with Herbal Ingredients. Hepatonal helps support Healthy liver function*
Nature’s Balanced Liver Support Dietary Supplement. Hepatonal is safe to use!
No Known Hazardous & Adverse Side Effects.


Liver Problems
Liver toxicity
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:Ayurvedic cure for Hepatitis B
  Sent by Bobby (Vijayawada) , 22 December 2008
  Sir, I have hepatities B. I do not have and bad habits like smoking, drinking & sexual contacts with any body except my wife. Last week I came to know that i have hepaties B. With Aurvedic is it possible to cure that desese....? Pls. send the details
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Cure for Hepatitis-B
  Sent by MFA (Riyadh) , 18 November 2008
  Do you have the name of the medicine for Hepatitis-B and where i can find this medicine.
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