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muscle cramp
  Sent by Vinay (Mumbai) , 17 August 2010
  Hi i am vinay, 27 years old. yesterday i was jogging in the park and suddenly got a cramp in the calf muscle of my left leg. The pain was so bad, and was unable to walk. The pain lasts for 4 hours. Is it normal ???
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joint pain..
  Sent by Himanshu Sharma (Delhi) , 29 July 2010
  hi.. i am 22 years old student fell down a week back while playing soccer. after that i was unable to walk for a day.. bt later i was alright. for the last 2 days, i am experiencing severe pain in my knee cap area.. what could be the problem. please help me out.
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  Sent by AKILA (India) , 11 November 2008
  Hi Veena,

I was suffering from the same problem a year before ans was operated for the same now i feel much better i am able to continue my day to day work and the pain has reduced but there are post operative care to be taken and above all you should consult a experienced spinal surgen.I assume that you have aslo taken the cortisan shot .However certain restrictions after surgery are : should not lift weight, should avoid bending down directly. You can mail me for further queries. All the best.
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Good doctor for RA
  Sent by Arun Kumar (Gurgaon) , 11 October 2008
  I see many questions on RA and advice for a good RA doctor/ surgeon.
I have with me daughter of mt friend from Chile, who is 33 years old and she is suffering from JRA since she was 9 years old. Her Left Hip was replaced totally in 2002 in Chile. Thereafter, in 2005/2006 she needed Cervical Operation for C-1 and C-2 and right knee replacement. Both these operations were costing about US $ 20000 each in Chile and she could not afford it. I invited her to India and she came in Dec 2005. Her Cervical Operation was done by Dr Sudhir Tyagi in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi in Jan 2006 and her Right Knee was totally replaced by Dr Yatinder Kharbanda in thee same hospital in Feb 2006. She came to me on wheel chair and had to use crutches to get up from the chair and walk inside the house but she went back walking. Both these operations cost about Rs 2,75,000 each that is about US $ 6000 that is one third of the cost in Chile.
Now in 2007 her right hip needed total replacement. In Apollo the cost was about Rs 3,00,000 which she could not afford. We inquired in Paras Hospital, Gurgaon and showed her to one Dr Anuj Dogra. We also found out that Dr Dogra has so far successfully replaced about 270 hips. So we agreed this time for Dr Dogra and the operation was very successfully done in Sept 2008 and the cost came to Rs 1,40,000.
I hereby recommend Dr Anuj Dogra for RA treatment. Dr Dogra is easily approachable also and his behavior with patients is very sweet.
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Extra bone growth & athelete feet problems
  Sent by tamigato (Macau) , 04 May 2009
  To improve the pain of extra bone growth on your feet and the athelete feet conditions, soak 15 mins daily in diluted rice vinegar hot water. Rest and then take a shower and wash your feet with disinfectant soap. Before sleeping rub Vichy Dry Foot Cream on your feet and also rub the painful area of your feet with Voltaren cream. You will notice improvements in three days time. Good luck!
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High uric acid
  Sent by tamigato (macau) , 04 May 2009
  I think you are eating too much meat, alchoholic drinks, deep-fried food, smoking and sweets right?
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extreme pain in knee
  Sent by Leslie (west va) , 10 November 2008
  I had acl reconstruction surgery about 2 years ago now, and with the surgery came a few nuts and bolts placed inside my knee. Im only 24 and I experience horrible pain in my knee, sometimes at night when Im trying to sleep. Other times I feel this intense burning sensation inside my knee. Is it possible Im coming down with arthritis already?? The pain can last from an hour to all day!
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Knee Pain
  Sent by Ruby Khan (Delhi) , 22 October 2008
  I am having Knee pain in the left leg for the past one month.The pain worsens after the after-noon till night.It increases if i stand for 3 or more hours or walk for some time.The inflamation is on the entire leg and it seems as if one leg is different from the other.I am unable to understand why??On consulting the doctor i was told that there is no problem in the joint.I have been Gemcal,Vizylac for 6 weeks and Naprosyn for a week to eat.There is some relief but i still feel what after a week of taking Naprosyn?? Please advice i am just 29,married with one baby.
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  Sent by veena (rakot) , 17 October 2008

I am suffering from Sciatica pain in my right leg below the knee whilst walking. Spine Surgeons recommend operation which most people I talk with advise against. Have tried accupuncture (taken 40 sittings) but except temporary relief not much improvement. I feel very handicapped as I cannot walk more than 10-15 minutes as the severe pain starts. I understand there is laser treatment for it. I would be grateful if anyone who has taken laser treatment or any other treatment with success to share their experiences. Thank you.
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leg cramps knowing as charlie horse
  Sent by jan  , 22 March 2009
  tonic water works due to the quinene in it you had agirl phone you on it that is what my pharmacy told me to take been talking to other people and it really works iam 71 years of age sure helps me 99cents abottle should be cheaper in states jan----- have nice i enjoy your show
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