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A patient best relates his or her medical experiences to another patient. We invite you to share your experiences about injuries and related problems if you think it might help others.
Blood clot
  Sent by Raman (Chandigarh) , 09 September 2010
  I am 23 years old student met with an accident two days back. I got a blood clot in my nail of the smallest finger. How much time it will take to recover??
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Arthroscopy for Meniscus
  Sent by Nishant (Bangalore) , 12 January 2009
  Hi, Im 25 years old software professional. While in college(some 4-5 back), I hurt my knee. After around 1 yr, I properly got it diagnosed by doctor and it came out to be Meniscus tear in my right knee. They advised me some exercises but, those 2-3 exercises were too painful. Doctor advised me to wear knee caps for whole day except for sleeping. I was at home till then. Then I came out of my home for my job and my knee situation started getting worse and worse day by day. Then, after 2 years of my job when situation got critical, I met one doctor in Delhi. He advised me Arthroscopy for my right knee. I underwent it(FOR RIGHT KNEE only)and then physiotherapy for some 10-12 days. They advised me those exercises to continue for 2-3 months, then they said it will be fine after 2-3 months. But, its almost 10 months now. My knees are better but not fully recovered. One more thing, I want to tell you that I wore these knee caps on my both knees for some 3 years. And I feel some pain, weakness and all in my both knees. I dont say that Ive followed these exercises for all 10 months after surgery. But, yes whenever I get time, I do these exercises religiously.
Ive stopped wearing knee caps for last 6 months. I feel better now. But, I want to play sometimes without feeling any pain in my knees.
I got MRI done for my both knees in Mar08.
Some highlights are:

Can you pls. advise how much more time will it take?
I read somewhere that it can lead to Arthritis in early age. Im very much scared about it.
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  Sent by kavita kapoor (chandigarh) , 05 March 2009
  Hi Varun my brother also got injury in spinal cord and in the same physical condition as u r.Have u got stem cell.Plz confirm.I also want to go through the said treatment.
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unexplained back pain in the mornings only
    , 18 November 2008
  Can u tell us the the kind of bed you use and also your sleeping posture. I had a similar problem and I got cured by sleeping on a hard surface
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  Sent by s k rai (dubai) , 02 December 2008
  Can any one help me to find out cure for a Muscles injury (or ligament injury) in my shoulder occured 2 years back when i turned my head forcefully to extreame limit towards right to get something laying on the ground,sudenly there was a sevier pain (unbearable pain)at the right bottom of my neck for 10-15 minutes. Since then I am feeling strech or sprain in my right side neck starting from bottom of neck up to right ear. I feel presure on my ear drum also.
I think some muscles or ligament got ingured and it is not recovering even if 2 years finished.
I have met may orthopedic docters and they gave many medicnes but no benifit.
Can any one tell me what to do, where to go?
Because I am vey much irritated due to this problem.
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  Sent by tiffanys (USA, New York) , 10 June 2008
  This site rules.
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Breast pain during puberty
  Sent by Nicole Lopez  , 10 March 2006
  Hi im only 13 years old and I play hockey. I play in an all star team because Im very good at it. Every single time a hockey ball hits my chest I almost need to cry from pain. That is especially because I play where people shoot the ball so hard or swing the stick so hard. I recemend that you wear good breast protection. If you dont it could be VERY PAINFUL.
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unexplained back pain in the mornings only
  Sent by manish  , 12 April 2007
  its been a year now that i get up everyday in the morning with a back pain in the thoracic region. I do not know the cause. I did an MRI and was told that Disk D9 has the fluid missing between the vertebrae
CT Spect scan, Vitamin d, and Thyroid tests were also done and it looked ok.
So now i do not know the cure

I was given voveran plus and then i got fine and woke up with no back pain until the course was over and now i terribly suffer only in the mornings as i wake up with back pain.

once i am up brushing, and out of the shower i dotn feel the pain the whole day untill i wake up the next morning

i have learnt to live with the pain, and am fed up now and hopefully someone can come up with a suggesstion or a cure

i have tred excercises for the back, stretching, they help only to anextent.,

any rply or answer to hellp me is highly appreciate

Thank you ! & God bless You
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stem cell
  Sent by varun  , 29 January 2007
  i was infected with meningitis in the spinal cord, was operated and now have paralysis below the waist. i always read about stem cell therapy which can treat paralysis upto an extent. consulted my doctor who is not in favor and tells me about the negatives of it. but i am so desperate to get physically fine, that i can take any risk. im 28 years old and facing paralysis for last 7 years. if u have any experience about stem cell, please do share and show me the right track. thanks
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Metatarsal Fracture
  Sent by Kiran Pande  , 19 August 2006
  I had 3 metatarsal bones fractured on 1st July 2006. Today on 19th August also my x-ray shows fracture. Dr. says it is alright. My left foot is 25% swollen compared to the first day. The left foot was in plaster for 6 weeks. I believe my left most finger is dislocated , of which I feel the bone when I tough ground. Also the middle 3 fingers have come up a little bit. But the bloody doctors in UK say it is alright.
I feel internal swelling as well as external swelling and they have given nothing for it.

If anyone had similar incident let me know any special treatment to make it right sooner.

Kiran Pande
London, UK
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