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while motion blood is comming
  Sent by jagadish (mysore) , 08 November 2010
  sir, from last month i got very pain in stomoch pain after some days more time to spent in motion in early moring, now after motion blood is comming what is the reason and how it can be cured. like english medicine, Homopathey, Ayruvidic medi. etc which is fast and healthy. some people said that in english medicine (after operation ) also it will come again after 3 to 5 years again operation only . so suggest me which medicine has to take
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Eye flu
  Sent by Yaksh (Chandigarh) , 02 September 2010
  hello doctor, I am 28 years old working man. I have an eye flu for the last 3 days. I am experiencing a lot of problem due to this. How can it be managed? Due to my work schedule, I am unable to take leave. Please HELP.
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Swine flu
  Sent by Kalpana (Jaipur) , 30 July 2010
  I have cough, fever, cold and head ache for the last 12 days. My husband is saying that I might be suffering from swine flu. But I hardly go out of my house. In that case, can I get infectedw with swine flu virus?
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  Sent by rahat (dhaka) , 21 November 2009
  i hate took 1999 5 rabipur injection for cat scathchs then i took 2 more 2005 .cat again scahtchs me 2009 .agagin i need booster?
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Swine flu-
  Sent by Ashok Kumar (Chennai) , 03 November 2009
  I lost my wife to a poor diaognosis of swine flu. She went into the hospital for an attack of Asthma, was diaognised for swine flu and died on 29th September'09, despite the swab results showing negative. She died of pulmonary embolism, a result of being bedridden on a ventilator for 9 days.
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Vitamin D for protection from H1N1
  Sent by Dr Ashok Kapse (Surat) , 06 October 2009
  Dear sir
I want to communicate very vital information about H1N1 flu.
According to recent medical research low levels of Vitamin-D are found to be responsible for increased susceptibility against swine flu; at the same it also increases chances of Cytokine storm causing pneumonia and death.
Sun ultra violet rays are the principal source of Vitamin_D. despite adequate sunshine Vitamin_D deficiency is rampant across India because of changed life style and tendency to avoid sun.
Vitamin D deficiency further deteriorates in winter because of poor sunshine and resultant lack of ultra violet rays.
Regular Vitamin D supplementation and Sun Bath would effectively decrease spread of swine flu and could avert fatalities.
I request you to propagate this message across the country to save it from impending winter flu epidemic
With regards
Dr Ashok Kpase MD (pediatrics)
National Chairperson Infectious disease chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics 2005-2006

Vitamin D for Swine flu protection

1. Flu occurs in winters in western countries & in monsoon in tropical countries.
2. Sun ultraviolet rays reach in insufficient quantity during winters & monsoon season. Excessive cloudy atmosphere fog and smoke (pollution) prevents ultraviolet rays reaching to earth.
3. Sun ultraviolet rays are the principal source of Vit-D for human beings & other primates.
4. Vit D is scarcely available from dietary sources except certain fish oil.
Vit D almost does not exist in Vegetarian food.
5. Vit D regulates immunity in human body. Vit D increases innate immunity as soon as virus invades human body and thereby prevents flu infection.
It also down regulates certain arm of acquired immunity which produces intense inflammation (cytokine storm) which inturn causes sever pneumonia and multi organ failure.
6. There is a fear that flu pandemic will become more intense during winter season.
7. Flu viruses assume increased pathogenecity during dry and cold season and human being develop lowest Vit D levels during winter season. Both of these factor increase flu transmission and severity during winter season.
8. Surveys done across the country demonstrate rampant Vit D deficiency among Indian population.
9. It’s extremely essential to increase Vit D status in Indian population to combat swine flu.
10. Suggestions for increasing Vit D status.
a) Take sun bath for 20 min every day. Expose face, arms, legs, and back.
b) Consume fortified milk and milk products.
c) Consume Egg and fish.
d) Supplement 1.2 lac units of Vit D once every month for winter 4 months (Oct to Jan ).
(1) On the epidemiology of influenza
John J Cannell*1, Michael Zasloff2, Cedric F Garland3, Robert Scragg4 and Edward Giovannucci5
Virology Journal 2008, 5:29

(2) Archives of Internal Medicine
2009, Volume 169, Issue 4, Pages 384-390
“Association Between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Level and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination

(3) Vitamin D Status in India – Its Implications and Remedial Measures
CV Harinarayan*, Shashank R Joshi**
*Professor and Head, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati – 517 507, Andhra Pradesh, India. **Consultant Endocrinologist, Lilavati Hospital, Bhatia Hospital and Joshi Clinic, Mumbai.
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Tuberculosis In Spinal Cord
  Sent by sathish (Bangalore) , 27 January 2009
  Hi sachin,
read your article about your recovery of tuberculosis . . Its glad to hear that you are improving . . I pray for god that you will be completely cured from that deadly disease .
I am writing to you know if you had any spinal surgery during your diagnosis because my mom is currently facing the same problem ie spinal cord tuberculosis and legs have become numb and she is not able to go for motion and her stomache has become big . . This is happening since she started her treatment . .I just cant see her in that situation . . Doctors are now preparing for spinal cord operation . . . . Please provide any information regarding to this problem it will be a great favor for me thanking you
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Tuberculosis In Spinal Cord
  Sent by Vaibhav (Bangalore) , 04 November 2008
  Hi Sachin,
Thanks for sharing your experience.
My father has also been diagnosed for similar problem.
Please let me know, if after the complete treatment were you able to recover completely and work normally.
Have you started with your work?
How long did it take you to recover completely?

Your response would be of a very high importance to us.

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  Sent by manu (agra) , 11 December 2008
  i am a stuent of graduate suffering from problem of lecuoderma from the past 4 years.this skin problem is on my half is very irritating when you going somewhere in a gathering and people around you see differently from others and they talk to people and say see what kind of problem he has,is this my mistake that i am having this problem on my face.
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Chikunguniya--a seroius disease
  Sent by Dr Monita Chary  , 23 October 2006
  My parents who are both physicians recently went to India for a vacation. My father contracted chikunguniya via a mosquito bite in New Delhi or Kanpur. He started with mild symptoms of body aches, weakness, and swelling in his hans and feet few days after the bite. This progressed to extreme muscle weakness and to encephalitis which caused a lot of delirium(mental confusion). This was followed by acute respiratory failure which required him to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. After this he had sepsis leading to a condition called ARDS(acute respiratory distress syndrome) followed by acute renal failure where his kidneys shut down, DIC(disseminated intravascular coagulation) a condition which causes you to bleed. despite ICU care, broad spectrum antibiotic coverage, we were unable to save him. all his tests were negative except he tested positive for chikunguniya. He got ill and died in a period of 14 days. Me and the rest of of my family were all with him during his last critical days and were so helpless, despite being physicains, in that we could not help him. A virus got him. He was 69 years old and healthy, but doctors in India say that since he had been inUSA for the last 28 years, he was unable to form immunity against this virus.
We have been to hell and back with this experience. Please do not take this condition lightly. The Indian Govt. is not taking enough measures to erradicate this disease, so take your own precautions and seek medical help early. My father died October 7th. He was the founder of Endocrinology in Chandigarh India. Till today I am in shock about what happened, still cant believe a virus, a mosquito bite, took the life of a healthy man
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