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No urine
  Sent by MS Yadav (Madhya Pradesh) , 06 January 2011
  hello, i am 36 years old. usually we urinate while passing bowels. but for the last 2 days, i do not urinate while passing bowels... Is not passing urine while bowel movement a disease? pls guide.
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Sleeping position
  Sent by Rajan (Indore) , 30 September 2010
  hi, i am 25 years old young healthy boy. i want to know that is sleeping on stomach harmful or lead to any health problems???
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Weight Loss & Fitness - Simple Every day Techniques
  Sent by Swadesh Gaurav Singh (Noida) , 30 September 2010
  I changed my lifestyle and got Fitter and more healthy than before by doing : -

1 ) - taking Hot lemon tea along with Dinner & lunch. (Chines does it for healthy Heart )
2 ) - Avoided Lifts / Elevators where ever possible, and taking Stairs.
3 ) - Avoided Bike / Car as far as possible.
4 ) - Started eating, lots of Salad 1/2hr before Dinner.
5 ) - Increased intake of Water
6 ) - Simple & Basic exercise for 10 Mins daily.

Trust me this has helped me a lot....
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  Sent by anjugam (karur, tamilnadu) , 19 September 2010
  hello doctor,
I am Anju from Karur, from my childhooh I am over weight and till now I am like this day by day I scared of my weight. I am loosing my hope. I am 26 and vexed so much about my weight. I am about 145 kg now. My parents are worried for my marriage life because I am not married still and none of them come forward to marry, they ask dowry more or they need beauty I don't have both. If I ask some weight reduction centre their first say is 25 30 thousand I am not able to pay so much. In home I do all work and now don know what to do. If you can help me out ill be grateful please help me . I'll wait for ur reply..thank you
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Fitness & general health & lifestyle
  Sent by M.Nataraj (Bangalore) , 12 September 2010
  I am 75 and have not till now taken any medicines particularly allopathic medicine since more than 50 years and the greatest secret for this may be Music and changes in lifestyle as the years go by. and naturo therapy. A good walk in the morning and evening for 1 hour each time in a park or similar green surroundings is the best with deep breathing and yoga and listening to music as u walk particularly classical and instrument music. Recently I have been practicing taking l spoon of powder containing Turmeric, AMLA, DHANIA, METHI and CINNAMON and found that I am free from age related problems such as arthritis, cold, cough, lack of appetite,gas, angina etc.Trust your readers and subscribers will follow the above natural therapy to keep their good health for all times to come. M Nataraj
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Over weight
  Sent by Swati Verma (Hyderabad) , 06 August 2010
  I am 22 years old student, weighs 72 kg. i am overweight and my friends make fun of me .. i exercise also but situation remains same.. i m gaining weight day by day. 3 months back, i weigh 67 kg. what should i do?? how can my overweight be managed? kindly advise.
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  Sent by anirudh (mumbai) , 28 June 2010
  i am 28 yrs old working man. for the past 15 days, i developed infection patch at my underarms. how can it be treated? i am applying an ointment to it.. but problem persists.
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Medical Negligence
  Sent by Rajesh Kapoor (Delhi) , 13 June 2010
  Somebody asked a question about medical negligence on this site a few days back.An expert gave a very longish reply.I myself have suffered seriously because of medical negligence.In my opinion medical negligence is a more serious crime than rape and murder.And it should be punishable by death only.Because courts take very long to decide these matters.Doctors never testify against other doctors.Doctors and corporate hospitals hire expensive lawyers to defend their cases.Even if the court gives some compensation to the patient it can not make for the loss that he or she suffers.The Medical Council hardly ever bans a doctor permanently from practising for medical negligence.I personally would like to see death penalty as the only punishment for medical negligence.
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unable to get up early to exrecise
  Sent by Aadhyaa (Delhi) , 12 May 2010
  it's been so distressing but i just cant get up o exercise even if i want to and even if i trying sleeping a bit early. is there anyone here with the same kind of laziness?
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Medical Ethics
  Sent by Rakesh Gupta (Delhi) , 07 December 2009
  Dear All,

With the opening of ever new corporate hospitals in the NCR region, especially Gurgaon,eminent doctor are switcing from one hospital to another.This is certainly not for intellectual satisfaction or service to the mankind but for a few lakh rupees more.How much money does a doctor need? It causes a lot of probem to the patients of these doctors.The worthy doctor who answers urology problems on this website has shifted three hospitals in the last three years.The journey began from Apollo.Two years back he shifted to Fortis.And now he has joined the Medanta medicity at Gurgaon.Only God knows where this journey is going to end?
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