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Can I get diabetes too?
  Sent by Naina (Delhi) , 06 September 2010
  My parents suffer from diabetes. Even my grandfather had it. Does having diabetes running in the family makes one prone to it. I don’t take much sugar in tea and go for regular walks. Are these steps enough to keep diabetes at bay? Please tell me if I am at a high risk of diabetes or not and what should I do to keep myself healthy?
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  Sent by jagannathan (Chennai) , 02 January 2010
  For the last 06 months I am using blood glucose meter to test the sugar and the reading are near normal. I just wanted to know is there any difference in the reading between blood glucose meter + Laboratory method wherein
the blood is taken from vein and tested.

pl clarify.
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  Sent by jagannathan (Chennai) , 02 January 2010
  For the last 06 months I am undergoing the Blood test for Sugar - Fasting & PP using Blood Glucose Meter. Apparently the reading are near normal. I just wanted to know is there any difference in readings between the Blood glucose Meter + Laboratory reading (wherein blood is taken from Vein and tested)

Kindly clarify
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  Sent by vijay (vijay) , 25 October 2008
  Mixtrad 30 10 units means pls give me details sir.

with regards,

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Diabetic Wounds
  Sent by Saktibrata (Kolkata) , 15 August 2008
  One of my neighbours had injury on his leg finger. Unfortunately his blood sugar is so high that no medicine was working. Ultimately, last month two of his leg fingers had to be amputated.

But these wounds can be successfully treated by Ozone. There are proven methos for applications. Unfortunately, I was out of country when my neighbours case happened, otherwise I could have helped the man. To know more about Ozone uses in medical practices, like Rectal Insufflation, Nucleolysis, Dental Caries etc., you can write back to me on my email address. For diabetes, I can send you articles published on that if you write to us. Unfortunately, in DOCTORSNDTV there is no scope for attachment. However, you can search the net for Diabetic Wound Management by Dr. Gerard V Sunnen. Regarding the machine we can help you.
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food supplement for type I
  Sent by ashwin (mumbai) , 10 December 2008
  I am type 1 diabetic from past 12 years,i weigh 55kgs at 5"7. I live alone so there are limitations to dietary control.I try my level best to eat healthy but its difficult to have a very strict control.I take NOVOMIX30 thrice a day can anybody at the forum suggest any dietary supplement which helps me gain some weight and also does not affect my sugar levels
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Wellness Industry
  Sent by ramarao (Bangalore-India) , 25 August 2008
  Pl.furnish the name of the food supplement suitable for Diabetis, Obesity and arthititis person.
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Cough Syrup for Diabetics that works great!
  Sent by okaekwu okey (lagos, nigeria) , 30 November 2008
  Im quite impressed by Marys positive comments on the diabetic cough syrop, PHANATUSS. As a pharmacist and Ceo of a Pharma. coy, I want import and market that cough syrop in my country, so I can help as much diabetic patients as possible. Somebody help!!!I need the CONTACT DETAILS of the manufacturers of PHANATUSS DM COUGH SYROP. BLESS YOU.
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  Sent by Prakash (Coimbatore) , 01 January 2009
  I am male having diabetes. I am having 29 Years
.Last year I got Married . Is there is any problem with count or fertiltiy
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  Sent by nag a rao (vijayawada) , 17 April 2009
  tripride - 1 combination of drug ,dosage and who it work
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