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Naughty child
  Sent by Sabhyata (Delhi) , 29 November 2010
  My 3 year old child has become very naughty after joining play school. When he gets back home, he throws everything that comes in fron of him. He doesnt eat anything healthy. He shouts at and beats out maid also. When denied a favour, he cries at top of his voice. What should we do?
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Why does my child cry so much?
  Sent by Disha (Delhi) , 02 June 2010
  My 4 year old child cries a lot when he is not given what he wants. He was never this cranky earlier. But recently, after joining the play school he has become so crying and demanding. What should we do?
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    , 14 October 2008
  Since u are a working lady it is very important to note the mentality/behaviour of the person who is taking care of your child as much of the time your child spends with the care taker. Secondly spend much time with the child and treat the child with love and affection. Since you have said that you are in in-laws house and that people keep coming and going let not your child notice anybody quarelling/fighting/arguing. Avoid watching any TV channel which is full of violence, etc.when your child is present. Play for the child some soft songs, rhymes (audio/video).
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  Sent by Divya (New Delhi) , 13 October 2008
I am a working mother, my 3 year old daughter shows a very arrogant behavior. She has become very insecure, over possessive and shows anger or irritability in almost everything. This behavior of hers is more extreme in my presence. She starts any activity like coloring studying, listening to rhymes etc very happily however after few minutes she becomes irritated by any samallest of thing which is not according to her. She spoil everything by scribbling shouting and yelling. I stay with my inlaws and the house gerally has people coming and going. I am worried for her and would like to know whats in her mind.
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Irritant Brother
  Sent by DSM  , 27 January 2009
  As your brother is still immatured, he need to be told and the best way is your parents must counsel him. I am sure he will understad this and also u can take him into confidence and talk to him. Incase he still does not understand take to him to good counsellor
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Desparation to inspiration !
  Sent by Pratiti (Hyderabad) , 01 March 2009
  Dear Shaly,

You responded to my concern, almost 2 and a half years back. I am so very much thankful to you dear. It had really helped. And now I have another little angel to take care of, one year old baby girl.
Thanks for all the concern and support.
Love Pratiti
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    , 07 February 2009
  Your daughter is 3 years old. At 3 she is hardly going to be devious and have something "in her mind". As you describe she is vulnerable because of several facts. My suggestion would be rather than labelling her behaviour ensure her safety. As a working mum, you will naturally have less time but quality time is more important. Spend good quality time with her and enjoy the time. Ignore bad behaviour and reward good behaviour. Be consistent in your dealings. She will respond, but slowly.
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Irritant Brother
  Sent by Arun (Mumbai) , 30 January 2009
  I think your brother is getting un necessary attention from your parents being little one and only son. Your parents should take care his upbringing seriously. His rude behaviour should be controlled to make him good person instead of a violant one. Roaming nude in home may be not a serious issue as your parents dont mind this and if he doesnt listen to you, it is better to ignore. His act of not only pulling your salwar down but slaping your hips is not accepatble.In future he could be more violant if not stopped by your parents now.
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Stubborn child
  Sent by Avan (Colombo) , 26 April 2009
  My son is 3 years & 10 months. He is very stubborn.We give him a lot of love and care but he never listens to his parents. If we say "NO" he wants to do it.If he gets angrty he hits us. I dont know what to do. Please help me.
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child development & emotions
  Sent by meenu s j (delhi) , 04 March 2009
  my niece behaves greedily everytime.she is 3yrs. old.she is provided all the things separately.she has a twin sibling(brother).but she is loved more.if both of them are provided with same eatables,she has to take some of them from his is becoming humiliating as this is being displayed in front of the visitors.she takes things from their plates.her brother too is following the same.please help.
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