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Naughty child
  Sent by Sudip (Amritsar) , 04 August 2010
  My child turned 3 years last week. He is so naughty that we get complaints about him from his play way school, neighbors and everywhere. Sometimes, he hits other children. Now, he has learnt imitating Bollywood actors and whole day, sings songs. What should we do to make him disciplined?
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Baby doesn't sleep
  Sent by Sujata Mehta (Mumbai) , 02 August 2010
  My 3 months old baby doesnt sleep at night and even during days, just for 3-4 hours. Although he is an active baby, am worried. I have heard babies sleep for at least 12-13 hours. What's wrong with my son?
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  Sent by Divya Gupta (Kolkata) , 04 June 2010
  My daughter got convulsion first at the age of 2 years and 8 months in the year 2000 in the morning around 3.00 a.m. while she was sleeping. We woke up feeling her screaming on the bed. Some affluent (jhag) was coming from her mouth. We tried for regain of her memory. But she was totally at unconsious stage. When we tried to stand up her herself, she could not and felled. When we went to the Padiatric Doctor, he advised for scanning and other checkup. After seeing her report, doctor confirmed that she was at convulsion on that night. He prescribed only one medicine - EPIVAL 2.5 ml daily. She was given Epival for 3 years. During these periods she didn't get convulsion. But she was again got convulsion in June 2009. Doctor said that when she didn't get convulsion during last 9 years then chances of repeatation is very less. This convulsion may be rare case. However, doctor said that one MRI test may be done which was not yet tested. Our worry is that after June 2009, she got convulsion 4 times. All convulsion was at the time of her sleeping and in the morning hours except one instance when she was sleeping after noon. Please suggest what treatment can be given to overcome these convulsion. Because she is presently more than 13 years old girl. We are very worried for this. There are no any medicine she is taking. We should go for MRI test and consult doctor again? Which specialize doctor should we go for and where?
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cough & cold
  Sent by senthil (chennai) , 11 January 2010
  please clarify, which is suitable combination cough syrup of current generation pediatrics with minimum side effects,
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My hyperactive daughter
    , 14 October 2008
  I am also a working lady and leave both my girls (6&4 years) under the care of baby sitter (during holidays and after school hours). It is very important to note the mentality and behaviour of the person baby sitting our kids. In many cases the children end up cultivating the habits/behaviour of the baby sitter as they spend much time with the baby sitter. It is must to cozily study the movement of the baby sitter with out kids and any correction to be made as to how to treat the kids should be made known to the baby sitter. Daily take report about the activities of the kids from the baby sitter as well as from the kids. Pay sudden visit to house to observe the baby sitters treatment. SECONDLY take your child very often to places like parks, picnic spots, etc.where kids of her age normally visit. Spend much time with her. Treat her with love and affection. Control your anger. Avoid depending totally on baby sitter. Then you will find major changes in her behaviour.
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sexual problem
  Sent by piya (india) , 24 February 2009
  I am having sex with my bf everymonth without using condom and after having intercourse i take i-pill with that i get my periods on time also but every time taking i-pill is safe or in future ill face any problem in concevieng or any other problem. plz tell me everything
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sexual problem
  Sent by xyz  , 25 February 2009
  Why are u worried for any health hazard when u had already taken a wrong and morally incorrect approach towards your life.Really feel pity about the happenings
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sexual problem
  Sent by BVNDT (bangalore) , 25 February 2009
  Hi Piya,First and formost you are not aware what sex is! and you are using I pill without a Doctorsuggestion, bad
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Green Potty of my baby
  Sent by Dr Faisal (gurgaon) , 24 April 2009
  It could be due to cold.
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pooty problem
    , 11 May 2009
  Its sure an infection. Please consult her doc about this.
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