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Skin cancer
  Sent by Gaurav mehta (Mumbai) , 24 December 2010
  I have heard that tanning and excessive exposure to the sun causes skin cancer by damaging the skin tissues and giving birth to skin tumours. Is it true or just a rumour? Please clarify. M scared coz I am in field job and get a lot of sun exposure.
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Skin cancer
  Sent by Jai Dayal (Delhi) , 27 August 2010
  Is skin cancer curable or not?
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Want to share cancer experience!!
  Sent by Donald (Pune) , 27 June 2009
  Hello everyone, I am working in a private firm and here I am looking for some information. Actually I am a cancer patient and looking for a source where I can discuss cancer related problems and share my experiences with other people. When I heard that I am suffering from cancer I was felling uneasy but that time my family friends helped me a lot and encouraged to fight the situation. So, if you people have any idea where I can talk about cancer then please let me know.
Any help will be really helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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    , 14 January 2009
  Various brands of many reputed pharma companies are available. I request you to approach the specialist who has prescribed Hydab. The question you have asked may be addressed to the doctor who prescribed it for your father. I am sure he would guide you properly and would suggest alternative which is avilable in India. Alternatively, you may approach the reputed chemists shop in Bagalore for the brand of Dabur But ideal course would be to consult a specialist who prescribed it. While I wish speedy recovery to your father of his ailments, you immediately contact the specialist dr in your vicinity Thanx
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  Sent by Sonal Shah  , 22 January 2009
  My mother in law also suffers from Hep C. We have taken an appointment of Dr Shah this saturday. Could you help us with feedback? Was his treatment useful to you?
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Cervical Cancer and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  Sent by Kunwar Singh  , 18 March 2009
  Dear Mr Editor,

This is to inform you that I have succeeded in curing Cervical Cancer and removing Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) from the system of one lady with the help of single herbal nutrition.

I have received four Emails from her after she started taking my herbal treatment from 29th June 2007 and has informed me that her Cervical Cancer is completely cured and also the HPV was untraceable in her system during her four six monthly health checkups.

I would sincerely appreciate if you could convey this message through your news portal to women suffering from cervical cancer due to HPV so as to save their lives in early diagnosed cases.

Best regards,
Kunwar Singh
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  Sent by Kamlesh Kumar (Delhi) , 29 April 2009
  Dear Sir,

Can i get your any contact, because my nephew has been suffering from abdomen problem.
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Testicular Cancer- an Embarassing Ilness
  Sent by brijkishore (delhi) , 05 February 2009
  This article got my attention because i myself suffering from one of my enlarged testes. I got hurt once while i slipped from ladder and it hurt me. That time it was painful and I visited a doctor who prescribed me some medicines. The pain was over but enlargement still persists. I never bothered about the large size of it. But after reading this article I am worried. Can it turn out to be
cancer? Where can I get it diagnosed? Can it be cured? Which doctor should I approach? Please reply.
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treatment with cancer vaccines
  Sent by dhwani rastogi (New Delhi) , 05 February 2009
  Dear Dr.
my mother is suffering with recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. shed underwent 30 sittings of radiotherapy post op in 2006. she reports to have severe pain behind the head and around the ears. she also has a development of non healing cancerous ulcers (along the stitch marks) on the throat and at times the liquid diet shed been taking seems to leak from the same. kindly suggest if the dendritic cell therapy be beneficial for her at this stage. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP... KINDLY HELP ME PUT MY MOTHER IN A STABLE CONDITION
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Proper Diet with Nutriion supported by exercise ke
  Sent by helen mallia (malta) , 26 January 2009
  hello my name is helen about 3years ago i was slim but i stop smoking my weight is 75 i have a bit stoamh big and tummy please will you help me i tried diet but is in evein thanks you
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