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A patient best relates his or her medical experiences to another patient. We invite you to share your experiences about autism related problems if you think it might help others.
Autism & Ayurveda
  Sent by Bob (Bangalore) , 18 March 2009
  If you are able to control Autism, I would like my 16 year old son to be treated. Please let me know your contact details.
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Autism & Ayurveda
  Sent by Manas Ghoshal (Kolkata) , 10 May 2009
  My Baby oy INDRANIL, 2 Years of age is a patient of complex AUTISM. is there any treatment ?
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  Sent by Valerie valentine (Los Angeles) , 16 March 2009
  One of my sons have autism and the other has Asperger Disease. The one who has Autism was not raised by me. He was raised by my family cause I was to sick to care for him. But the one son who has Asperger disease lives with me and he is now 18 and is living on SSI. You know I heard and this is a true fact the reason our children have these problems is possibly because when we carried them we were exposed to some type of Toxin. Like Mercury, Lead or something along that matter. Did you eat fish when you were pregnant? Or did you come in contact with any other toxin? Because if you did and you know where and who is responsibly you could sue them if you get proof then your child can get the best help available.
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gluten free casein free foods in india
  Sent by Tulika Saraogi (Kolkata) , 20 January 2009
  i just want to inform everyone that gluten free casein free foods are now available for delivery in any part of India. there is GFCF healthy atta, sooji, dalia, maida, cookies, cake, cake mix, pancake mix, and so on..
all are available at
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  Sent by MV (Bangalore) , 11 November 2008
  I have seen an autistic child improve very well with Homeopathic medicines.
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Autism & Ayurveda
  Sent by ram (houston) , 21 November 2008
  I would really appreciate if you could relate some real life experience. I have a relative 6 years with autism who has just started on ayurveda.
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gluten free casein free foods in india
  Sent by swapna (hyderabad) , 07 April 2009
  I would like to know the total product list which are GFCF and can u supply to hyderabad. If yes, what is the process for that.
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Autism & Ayurveda
  Sent by Ananya Mukhopadhaya (India) , 19 March 2009
  Hi, my son is diagonosed with mild autism. Cn u help me with name of doctor who cn help.
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Short Penis & depression
  Sent by Raj (Delhi) , 26 December 2008
  Dear friends, I am very very depressed and always been in uncomfortable while working. I always think about sex and nude girls even i am watching T.V, reading newspapers, magazines, surfing on internet.I am doing masturbation since i was 15 years old and now my age is 25 years. I dont have any friends in school, college and so on. I done masturbation 4-5 days a week, my penis size is only about 3 inches long after erection and before the size very small like a baby have. Do there is any difficulties after marriage? I cant able to do any work even i try hard. How to get rid of this? Is there any medicine?
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Akhil Autism Foundation !!!
  Sent by Manisha Lad  , 14 December 2008
A USA based non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with Autism, ADHD and developmental delays and learning disabilities.
We want to educate parents, professionals, care givers and create awareness of all the treatments and intervention available for autism.
Help to treat the underlying causes of autism,
Provide a helping hand to families worldwide
Our Philosophy
We believe every special child has chosen special parents to make a difference in life. Every child is unique and requires individualized intervention plan

Our Inspiration:
Akhil Autism Journey

Please email
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